Welcome to T&T Healthcare

Opening Hours : : Monday to Saturday - 9am to 5pm
  Contact : : (301) 441-3722

About Us

T & T Healthcare is a unique health and social services organization organized in early 1997 whose principals are fully qualified and licensed to conduct complete physical examination, psychiatric examinations, provide medical care, counseling, and management services.

Mission Statement

The T & T Healthcare Inc is to provide comprehensive services through a patient centered approach.We strive to deliver expert care and to promote positive health for personal growth, and the well-being of families and the youth in our communities.

Goals and Objectives :

The overarching goal is to develop and implement programs that utilize social work skills and effective medical expertise/psychiatric treatment models.

The specific objectives are to:

1. Systematically identify and evaluate client issues whether psychologically, socially, environmentally, biologically, or economically induced.

2. Devise treatment plans that coincide with appropriate psychiatric modes.

3. Utilize specialized multidisciplinary teams and programs designed to address youth issues.

4. Offer collaborative services in conjunction with non-social services organizations that will address other projects for which company skills an experience can be applied.